2016 06 Article / Tribute Album to Fugazi -by FORKSTER

Riveting Tribute Album to FUGAZI Out Now on TBTCI Records

Posted by FORKSTER - 22/06/2016

FUGAZI Respects from Impressive Compilation Honorings
“Steady Gaze of Nothing – A Reverence to Fugazi” out Now
on the Immensely Amazing Atmospheric Music Label


After the breakup of American hardcore legends Minor Threat out of America’s Washington, D.C. area Ian MacKaye had a short stint at bands with most notably being Embrace. He wanted to then get not necessarily a band, but a music project that had the hard rock punk intensity of ‘The Stooges’ yet with a reggae driving beat. Ian was looking at it for just finding a few in creating and making music all together with. This certainly became a reality that formed into an American iconic hardcore band Fugazi. The members included founding member Ian MacKaye – Guitar/Vocals, who brought in Brendan Canty – drums and Joe Lally – bass guitar with the final piece being Guy Picciotto – vocalist/guitarist. From 1986 to 2002 they went on to perform a bunch of successful worldwide tours, gone on to produce a stunning array of studio albums , with a film and a comprehensive live series. It all rocketed the band into critical acclaim and significant music success around the globe. Since the end of their 2002 UK tour which they sold-out 3 nights at the London Forum they have been on an ‘indefinite hiatus’ of around 13 years where there have been multiple rumors of a reunion, but nothing has excitedly gone into forward Fugazi music making again’ action.

TBTCI = THE BLOG THAT CELEBRATES ITSELF Records have today, 22nd of June 2016, unleashed out a creative and brilliant compilation album tribute to American post-hardcore icons, Fugazi. TBTCI Records have ‘unquestionably’ produced 13 tracks out of the ace art punk band’s noble music catalog. The 13 music artists on the tribute album range from alternative rock, math rock, noise rock, nugaze, post-punk, psych rock, psychedelic rock, shoegaze. The incredible atmospheric airs on the tribute album with hard rocking music character displays of Fugazi’s music definition are truly heard off of “Steady Gaze of Nothing – A Reverence to Fugazi”. It is a riveting ‘track by track’ roaring/rocking respects by these present day rock artists/tribute lineup to these phenomenal post-hardcore/art punk legends…. “TOP MUSIC EFFORT” = 9.5 Thumbs Up!!

“Steady Gaze of Nothing – A Reverence to Fugazi” 
Released: 22nd of June 2016
Label: The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
TBTCI Records Dedication To: The mastery of Fugazi, since (Fall 1987 – present)

Soft Wounds – ‘Waiting Room’ (from their ‘First Demo’ Album – 2014)
Evvolves – ‘Turnover’ (from their ‘Repeater’ Album – 1990)
Sunshine & the Rain – ‘Merchandise’ (from their ‘Repeater’ Album – 1990)
The One2s – ‘Bad Mouth’ (from their ‘First Demo’ Album – 2014)
Diluvia – ‘Life and Limb’ (from their ‘The Argument’ Album – 2001)
Rei Clone – ‘Smallpox Champion’ (from their ‘In on the Kill Taker’ Album – 1993)
Cumin – ‘Shut The Door’ (from their ‘Repeater’ Album – 1990)
HARPS – ‘Blueprint’ (from their ‘Repeater’ Album – 1990)
Siwomat – ‘Larga División’ (Long Division) (from their ‘Steady Diet of Nothing’ Album – 1991)
Coaches – ‘Suggestion’ (from their ‘Ferment’ Album – 1992)
Blacksalt – ‘I´m So Tired’ (from their ‘Instrument Soundtrack’ Album – 1999)
Savage Cut – ‘Brendan #1’ (from their ‘Repeater’ Album – 1990)
Petal Head – ‘Arpeggiator’ (from their ‘End Hits’ Album – 1998)